Geek Gear: XShot (perfect stocking stuffer)

Steve Hoffman

Steve Hoffman

by Steven Hoffman, Publisher of Founders Space

Nothing is better for Xmas than an XShot — it makes the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who wants to take photos over the holidays!

Check out the video below.   This product is brilliant. And they have an iPhone case that works like a I charm with both the XShot and any tripod you may own.  I know because I own them both!

As you can probably tell, I love the design. The product is also incredibly well made. It doesn’t feel cheap. It’s actually very sturdy. If you love gadgets, like we do, you will get a kick out this one!

NOTE: We received free samples of their products for this review.

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  1. XShot team says:

    Thanks for the XShot love!

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