Hijack Audio and Make it Your Own

So you’re a startup scrambling to make a demo video for a trade show, and you desperately need some audio effect. With Audio Hijack Pro by Rogue Amoeba, you can record any audio, from any source, at any time.

Audio Hijack Pro lets you record calls in Skype and iChat with one click of your mouse. It also lets you gather audio from microphones, Skype, iTunes and other audio sources into one file for distribution through RSS (podcasts).

You can even digitize your old tapes and LPs and effortlessly bringing them into iTunes, mixing the audio from separate programs into one usable file.

Basically, anything you can hear on your computer, you can grab, whether it’s from a DVD, movie file, or any other source. In every sense, Audio Hijack lives up to its name.

In addition, you can control and enhance Audio Hijack Pro with AppleScripts. And there are over 50 built-in plugins to adjust audio. So the possibilities are pretty much endless.

With built in support for Griffin’s RadioShark, you can also record your favorite AM/FM radio programs. It’s similar to a DVR for all of your audio content.

I could go on and on, but suffice to say that if you hear it, you can record it. And if you’re looking for this feature set, you can’t beat Audio Hijack Pro.

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