iPhone vs. Android? Which should you get?

Let me start by saying Android has come a long way in the past year.  It has actually caught up to iOS.  So which one should you get if you’re looking for your next phone?

Android Pros:

* Great operating system

* More flexible than iOS

* More customizable than iOS

* Many more phone choices

* Phones support LTE, while iPhone is still stuck in 3G land

* No shortage of apps

* More carriers support Android

* Most Android phones have bigger screens

* Many Android phones are now free with a 2-year contract

* Most Android phones let you easily swap batteries

Pros for iPhone:

* More elegant operating system

* Phone is beautiful

* Smart design choices

* Latest apps tend to come to iOS first

Personally, I went for the Galaxy 2S Skyrocket.  Why?  It was hundreds of dollars cheaper than an iPhone.  I got mine for 1 cent on Amazon.   It supports both 3G, HSPA+ and LTE.  And the screen is bigger, which makes a huge difference to me!

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  1. Nicholas de Wolff

    I’m trying to decide between:

    1) Ubiquitous Android OS versus limited but strangely enticing Windows OS.
    2) Current carrier (imperiled T-Mobile) or another carrier (crappy customer service and coverage from AT&T, crappy customer service from Verizon, or crappy everything from Sprint)
    3)Galaxy SII(Android), Galaxy Nexus(Android), or Nokia Lumia 800(Windows)


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