If you’re a startup founder, you should seriously consider the new OnePlus 2. We just received our OnePlus 2, and it’s a warhorse of a phone that offers most of what the latest iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy phones do at a fraction of the cost, which is a blessing for every penny pinching startup founder.

First, let’s talk design. The design is excellent. The phone looks and feels like a quality product. It’s not a cheap ripoff. It’s the real thing. OnePlus knows how to design phones that look and feel great in your hand. The buttons are responsive, the materials are high quality, and it’s a real beauty to behold.

OnePlus 2

The only negative I’ve heard of is that the home button sometimes isn’t responsive. I haven’t personally experienced this, but apparently it can happen. It may be an app issue. I’m not sure.

Next, let’s talk specs. The specs are on par with the iPhone 6. But OnePlus 2 offers 4k video and a better camera: 13 megapixels rear and 5 megapixels front. This compares to 8 megapixels rear and 1.2 front for the iPhone 6. That said, the iPhone 6S closes this gap with a 12 megapixel camera and 4k video. So really, when it comes to getting a OnePlus 2 or an iPhone, it’s a toss up.

Operating system is where an iPhone 6S wins, at least for me. I love iOS. It just looks and feels so much better than Android. That said, the OnePlus 2 offers bloatware free, pure, unadulterated Android fresh from Google. So it’s as good as you get for an Android phone! If you’re going Android, this is what you want and need.

Cost is where the OnePlus 2 wins hands down. I’m sorry Apple, as much as I love your products I refuse to pay hundreds of dollars more for practically the same phone. Sure, you need to make billions in profit, but at what price? Until Apple becomes more competitive, I’m going Android from now on, and out of all the Android phones, One Plus 2 is an excellent choice.