Orrick is one of the leading law firms in the world when it comes to serving startups and their founders.  Orrick offers a number of services targeted at startups, including its very popular TOTAL ACCESS series and Start-up Tool Kit.

Orrick’s TOTAL ACCESS Event Series provides entrepreneurs business, tactical and legal education through complimentary breakfast panels and lunch seminars. Presented by experienced industry CEOs, venture capitalists and Orrick lawyers, TOTAL ACCESS offers insights on cutting-edge issues and an opportunity to network with leading professionals in Silicon Valley.

Hosted by Orrick at its Silicon Valley and San Francisco offices, TOTAL ACCESS events are available exclusively to entrepreneurs, start-up company executives and the investment community.

Orrick’s Start-Up Tool Kit is a comprehensive set of resources designed to aid start-ups and their founders on the journey from the “garage” to the global marketplace.

You can use Start-Up Tool Kit to memorialize agreements with co-founders or potential investors, understand the terms and terminology of key legal documents, and network and learn business strategy and the latest industry news.

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