Screenium is Excellent for Creating Product Demos & Screencasts

If you’re looking for exceptional screencasting software, Screenium is it.  It’s perfect for Mac users who want to record video and audio captured from their desktops.

You can use Screenium for all sorts of things, including creating software demos, recording online gaming sessions, making how-to videos, and providing tech support.

The first thing that jumps out at you is the flexibility.  Screenium let’s you record a fixed area, full screen, a mouse area, or a single windows.  You can record exactly what you see anywhere on your screen and make it a screencast with a few clicks.  It’s very intuitively laid out, so you don’t have to wade through menus to figure this out.

Screenium also includes a simple editor, which is quite handy.  The features include cutting, creating transitions, audio editing, creating effects, and adding animated forms and text.  For those of you who don’t want to learn iMovie, this is a nice alternative.

Overall, Screenium is well worth the money, and we highly recommend it.   You can download a trial for version from CNET.

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