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  1. denis bergeron says:

    ive got over 32 inventions not sure who to trust, looking for a partner and investor 919-369-0026 [email protected]

  2. Bernhardt says:

    Hi, I have a patent and need to get it off the ground! It is so simple and it enables a soldier or hunter to walk for miles with a rifle on his shoulder without feeling the weight on his shoulder or back! I believe it will sell in the whole world if I market it correctly with the perfect investor! I don’t no who to contact and I have been down every alley ! Could you please assist me! Thank you
    0827090966 [email protected]

  3. I am looking for comments, feedback . . . .for The Early Stage Marketplace. Please read post below and then please view video on YouTube

    All early stage companies need both Funding and Validation.

    To simply create more Supply (entrepreneurs and startups) without generating more Demand (funding and validation) is counterproductive.

    In his 3/11/2013 seminal Forbes article, “Silicon Valley Is the New Hollywood,” Steve Blank writes, “What started out as a technological novelty with nameless actors, directors and engineers working in obscurity, quickly grew into an industry dominated by buzz and cults of personality as movie-going became commonplace for tens of millions of Americans. The attributes of the “star ecosystem” that followed are familiar to any recent observer of the technology industry: gossip press, gatekeepers, herd effects, fad investing, poseurs. Hidden somewhere among them—hard workers.

    “Our time as an industry of just hard workers is over,” Blank declared. “It’s no longer populated by just people who actually do s—t. It’s now full of those who make money off people who actually do s—t.”

    The early stage is dysfunctional and artificially constrained by the these “gatekeepers.” They have insinuated themselves at the center of the early stage community. Access to their rolodexes has become more important than the talent and technology of the startup.

    It is time to return talent and technology to the center of the early stage marketplace. It is time to create a global early stage marketplace that serves the needs of the: Funder, Startup, Partner and Sponsor so that each will get what they need and will be encouraged to collaborate with other members.

    The solution is in a global marketplace – the Early Stage Marketplace.

    The ESM video is at –

    Elliott Dahan

  4. pedro game says:

    hi, i have this really great product that im currently in the process of creating a prototype and getting a patent. this product will basically be one of the big ones that have changed the world completely in so many ways. like ovens, microwaves,electricity. when the product is out and marketed people all over the world wont be home without 1. the problem i am having is that i need investors to help me out with making a prototype and getting the patent. you can contact me at [email protected] if your interested in helping making the next mark on the world.

  5. Denise Smith says:

    I am starting a slightly used thrift store for womens, teens and girls and would like to know is anyone knows where I can find clothing to continue to stock my store. I shop all the local thrift stores in local atlanta area.

  6. jared bown says:

    contacte me at [email protected] thankes investores descuse my idea

  7. sammie anderson says:

    I’m looking for someone who will invest in or buy my provisional patent. The invention is used to remove plaque, tartar from teeth or as a toothpick which has a ringed shape that fits over finger and attached to a scraper. Invention can also be removed from base ring and use to attach toothbrush or a flossing tool. I’ve already obtained the provisional patent and need investor to help bring to market or someone to buy the invention. Contact at ph.251-362-1223 or 251-362-1590 email at [email protected]

  8. StChristopher E Chesley says:

    Hello to you all seeking willing invested willing to invest in 1or2 inventions.
    I have over 300 or if anyone looking to buy on of 2 of my invention’s call me soon @8643767352 or saintchris4 [email protected]

  9. Duke says:

    How can i get free web hosting for my upcoming wordpress blog?

  10. D.BLEDSOE says:

    How Do I find patent investors for My inventions [email protected]

  11. solar powered multi-station smoke detector,patent 5,883,577 interested in technology transfer. in brief product will change the world and make it safer,the user will become green and safe. contact [email protected] 330-618-3970(c)Patrick Pierre Jordan

  12. Jelena says:

    I’m searching for a technical co-founder for a start-up that will utilize crowd-sourcing. The company aims to disrupt one of the largest industry verticals in a very creative way, like it was never thought of before – we are ahead of our competition and currently in the process of developing an investor demo. One of the co-founders is a former Goldman Sachs banker and a Wharton MBA who knows this space extremelly well.

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