Startup Spotlight: GoAnimate Makes Creating Your Next Video a Breeze

Steve Hoffman

Steve Hoffman

by Steve Hoffman, Cofounder of Founders Space

This week’s Startup Spotlight is shining on GoAnimate.

There was a time when it required a professional team and thousands of dollars to create a video for your startup. Those days are gone thanks to GoAnimate. Within minutes, not days or weeks, you can create your own animations and get them live on your site, as well as YouTube and every major social network.

Here’s a video I created for Founders Space…

GoAnimate doesn’t require a team of highly skilled animators. Heck I could do it myself and I’m no animator. All you need is a little time and some creativity. Check out what I did for Founders Space in one evening, without any help from my wife, who is a skilled Flash animator.

This is perfect for entrepreneurs who want to create videos for their new products and websites. The tools GoAnimate offers are incredibly well done. They make it a joy to drop in animation, voices and music. Every aspect is intuitive and well designed. You really can’t make a mistake, and if you do, they have an “undo” button.


– Excellent Interactive Tutorial
– Lots of Pre-made Characters
– Huge Number of Animations
– Your Choice of Backgrounds
– Nice Selection of Music
– Ability to Customize Characters
– Ability to Upload Your Own Artwork & Animations

GoAnimate is truly clever about how they structured their site. They make it easy to find all the elements, which is no small task. Anyone who has used animation software knows how mind boggling it can become. They must have done a lot of user testing because the product is highly polished and far better than other animation packages I’ve used in the past.

They even allow users to upload their own content and share it with the community. Over time, this will allow for an unlimited selection of art and animations. As far as I’m concerned, this is the future of animation. If you’re a business or creative type, you’ll be hooked.

Stay tuned for more animated videos from Founders Space throughout the year. We can’t recommend GoAnimate highly enough. It’s worth every penny!

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NOTE: We received free samples of their products for this review.

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  1. Suzen Pettit says:

    love it Steve. Definately going to check it out. Animation takes content to the next level.
    Thanks for pointing me there~

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