Two Slick & Sturdy iPhone 5 Cases

Okay, so you’ve got your iPhone 5 and you’re looking for cases, like every startup founder is right now. We just tried out two cases from STM, and they are really nice.

The first is the STM Opera for the iPhone 5. It’s perfect for anyone who wants a simple, lightweight case that affords pretty good protection.

Tile pattern inspired by the Sydney Opera House.

The opera iPhone 5 case is designed to be slim and comfortable. The form fitting design protects your iPhone 5 with impact resistant thermoplastic polyurethane. All ports are accessible, while the case front edge wraps slightly around the glass bezel to further guard the screen. less

* Lightweight, flexible yet durable iPhone 5 protection

* Textured TPU – comfortable and easy to hold

* Access to all ports, buttons, controls and camera lens

* Sleek and form fitting

* Protective rim around edge of phone for front glass protection

In our opinion, this is a durable, well-made case.  It’s not as fancy as some other cases.  No natural woods or leather, but it’s highly functional and will get the job done.  For $29.99, it’s a good buy.

The second case we tried is the STM Harbour for the iPhone 5.  It’s not quite as sleek as the Opera, but it provides more protection.

As the name says, this is a safe harbour for your iPhone 5.  It comes with a dual hard shell and soft touch construction protecting your device. The inside lining is modeled after the Sydney Opera House tile design. It has satin matte finish for long term finger print and scratch resistance.

The harbour iphone 5 case has a unique design that hinges open to remove or insert your iPhone. Dual density thermo polyurethane cradles and protects the device. Sleek and form fitting, the harbour protects from external abuse and compliments the design and contours of the iPhone 5.

* Dual layer construction for durability and protection – soft touch TPU against your phone with hard shell outer lining

* Access to all ports, buttons, controls and camera lens

* Sleek and form fitting design for a comfortable carry

* Protective rim around edge of phone

* Easy access to remove or dock your phone with hinged bottom

* Satin matte finish for long term finger print and scratch resistance

Overall, we like the design.  It’s sturdy, well-made and good looking.  We had no problem accessing the buttons or ports.  For $34.99, you can’t go wrong with this case.

NOTE: We received free samples of their products for this review.

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