WishList Member Transforms Your WordPress Blog into a Paying Membership Site

WishList Member is pretty amazing.  It transforms your WordPress blog into a full-blown membership site, allowing you to create free, trial and paid membership levels — or any combination of the three.

We were impressed from the start. WishList Member is a snap to install. Just download a typical WordPress plugin and follow the instructions on their site. Within minutes, you’ll be able to start customizing your memberships. You can create “Silver”, “Gold”, “Platinum”, or any other “levels” you want. Then you can charge more for higher levels of access – all within the same blog.

You can easily upgrade members, move them to different levels, pause their membership, or delete them entirely. In addition, you can set WishList Member up so that it graduates your members from one level to the next. For example, after 30 days, you can automatically upgrade members from a Free Trial to the “Silver” level. That’s pretty cool!

Next you can structure the content on your site. Just click the “Hide” button to protect exclusive content for members of a particular level. Create “modular” memberships and hide content from other levels.

If you plan on selling content on your site, WishList Member seamlessly integrates with the most popular shopping cart systems, including PayPal, ClickBank, and many more. Plus, WishList Member™ now integrates with Cydec and Infusion. This makes turning a blog into an e-commerce portal and snap!

You can even give your members access to multiple levels within your membership. For example, create a central download location with access granted to members of all levels. And you can determine exactly what content your members can access.  You can even drill down and grant access to specific posts, pages, categories and comments for each membership level. The possibilities are endless.

We like the fact that WishList Member enables you to protect specific content. It is extremely easy because everything after the “more” tag is automatically protected for members only. So an eye-grabbing post title, combined with a compelling opening paragraph is more than enough to wet the appetite of non-members. You can also control the length of time each member has access to your membership site. You can automatically expire a membership after 3 days, 7 days, or whatever time period you want.

You can secure RSS feeds, allowing members to view their membership material in their favorite RSS reader. But, it also gives you complete control: non-members can’t access the feed. If a person stops paying, their feed automatically stops working.

As you can tell, WishList Member is pretty robust. It has practically every feature you could want, and we didn’t even cover them all in this review. Check out the WishList Member site and see for yourself how it works.

All in all, we highly recommend this package!

NOTE: We received free samples of their products for this review.

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