Seth Goldstein, Angel & Entrepreneur

Co-Founder & CEO, DJZ
Co-Founder, Majestic Research
Entrepreneur in Residence, Flatiron Partners
Co-Founder & CEO, SiteSpecific
Independent Director, Valassis (NYSE: VCI)

Active angel investor and mentor to young entrepreneurs.

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  1. mohammed osman

    Dear sir (LadderBlock) has developed and owns the most innovative precision concrete building systems in the world. Their Open Frame system is the only precast system in the world suitable for constructing precast concrete buildings up to 100 stories. The LadderBlock Wall System is ideal for residential and commercial buildings up to 15 stories. The patented LadderBlock Finger Joint system allows very rapid assembly and stability suitable for construction in seismic regions. The company currently in the process of arranging financing for several factories in Africa and Asia. I want to attache some background information for you perusal, but there’s no room in here so can we move to gmail. Basically LadderBlock is looking for partners to provide 50% ($28 million) ,and yes LadderBlock will provide the other 50%. Invested capital will be returned in 24-36 months of factory operation and you would have a 50% equity stake going forward. and yes sir i can connect you to the ceo of the company directly if you wish. Dr.Roger Wyatt (CEO of LadderBlock) is in Thailand at the moment. if you are interested let me know that i can connect you to him directly to arrange a meeting between you two somewhere convenient for you to show you how LadderBlock works, explain it’s advantages and discuss how you both might collaborate to commercialize the technology.

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