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Josh Felser

Josh Felser

I worked in old media at News Corp for 4 years, new media as co-founder and president of Spinner – the first multi-channel Internet radio service and co-founder and CEO of Grouper/Crackle – one of the first Internet video networks. Both companies were acquired in under 3 years and sold for $320mm (AOL) and $65mm (Sony Pictures) respectively.

My partner from Spinner and Grouper, Dave Samuel, and I recently started an early stage VC called Freestyle Capital to fill the void between retreating angels and VCs moving to later stage investments.

Freestyle will help early stage Internet and tech entrepreneurs develop their visions into kick ass market leading businesses. We bring cash, deep networks and the passion and experience to get hands-on with the entrepreneurs we back.

We have made 18 investments since Jan 2009 and had two exit (CoTweet and

Comments & Advice:
  1. Larry Turner says:

    Hi Josh,

    I was directed to Freestyle by a friend and was [pleasantly] surprised when the site opened with a full-page photo of you and your partner.

    I am involved with a web-based project that may be of interest to you, given your current activity, direction, and focus.

    PMS launched in late ’07 and experienced viral growth until the death of a minority partner forced a shut down, while legal issues regarding his estate were resolved.

    The legalities were settled last year and PMS is now ready for the next big step.

    I believe this requires a fresh set of eyes and ideas, coupled with the know-how and vision forged by experience.

    I would appreciate any feedback a/o direction that you and the Founder’s Space team can provide.

    Thank you and best regards,

    Larry Turner

    (+57) 316 524 4419
    [email protected]