Jack Wolosewicz of MediaClaw

Jack Wolosewicz

Jack Wolosewicz

Jack Wolosewicz of MediaClaw has founded and managed four startups as CEO and CTO. He has a track record of pioneering new technologies, innovation, IP development, technology implementation and team management. Jack co-founded MediaClaw, a web video content monetization and tracking startup. 

He developed and patented enabling technologies to give MediaClaw a sustainable technical lead over competitors. He is also the founder of Cyberus Consulting, which specializes in providing technical diligence services, patent analysis, project management and fast execution by assembling ad-hock design teams tailored for each task. He co-founded StorageZip, a provider of lightweight, SSL based secure web services delivery platform incorporating advanced encryption, records security, integrity and non-repudiation.

He also consulted as DRM industry expert for Napster and for Roxio.

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