What’s the best way to find a CTO for my startup?

Naomi Kokubo

Naomi Kokubo

by Naomi Kokubo, Editor of Founders Space

The best way is to tap into your network of friends and colleagues.  It’s always better to start with someone you know well and have worked with in the past.  That said, all too often you know people with similar backgrounds and skill sets to your own.  So how do you find a co-founder with a complimentary skill set?

There are a number of good options.  First, let me start with Founders Space.  We’ve set up a special section of the site called My Startup Needs.  You can post whatever your startup needs in this section, and other founders will respond.  If you need a CTO or a co-founder, then post it here.  I’ve had good luck going to local networking events, like TOTAL ACCESS and FountainBlue.  You can also try “speed dating for founders” by going to FounderDating.com.  I love the name.

Lastly, if you are looking for someone more technical, like a CTO, you may try going to the engineering meet ups.  Geek Meetup is great site for that!

I hope this helps!

Comments & Advice:
  1. Mujahid says:

    Hey want to add a CTO in my startup team but unable to find a shared vision person. Can somebody help me?

  2. Hannah says:

    My name is Alex and I am Chief executive officer at Startupsoft.

    We help startups grow their business by leading them all the way from building a strategy to developing a market fit product. In exchange for our services we for equity. You can be 100% sure that we will do our best to help you build a successful business because your success is our success.

    So, feel free to reach out to us at https://goo.gl/kgN14O

  3. Cindy Morgan says:

    Hello !

    We work with startups, often becoming strong long term partners and even outsourcing the CTO organization. We help with determining the MVP, UX design, product feature for next iterations and eventually build out of a full production product.

    You can visit my website for more info and get in touch with us if found suitable.

  4. Sankofa Co-Founder says:

    Sankofa is Boston-based startup in the mobile technology space that is coming out of stealth mode. The prototype first product has been developed and is based on a launcher that sits on top of the operating system. We was looking for an experienced CTO in this space to help take the product to the next stage for launch. We are also raising additional funding. We need someone at least full or almost full time for a few months. Longer term will depend on the individual.

  5. CTO says:

    I am working as a CTO for a product startup, 10+ years of experience with web technologies including .net, web 2.0 , Saas , Cloud , …
    Now looking for a better option

    contact me [email protected]

  6. GetCoFounder says:

    Hi there, Just want to mention http://getcofounder.com for finding cofounders.

  7. Michael says:

    My name is Michael and I am a French web developer and entrepreneur specialized in .net, Artificial Intelligence, CRM and eshop. Having created three startups and bought two existing companies in France, I am now re-settling in San Francisco. If you are looking for a CTO please contact me [email protected]

  8. URL says:

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  9. Keith says:

    Yup, some good stuff. I will look into it. I need a CTO for startup two years already in development. I would take full time if they can afford it for a few months or just a few hours a week. I already have other devs doing the same, I just need a solid CTO.

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  11. Weissj2003 says:

    Are there any similar services in New York?

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