Raj Gavurla

Raj Gavurla

by Raj Gavurla

As an organization what do you do to motivate employees to win, grow, and evolve? This isn’t management motivating employees or employees motivating management. There should be three categories:

1. Motivation for project work to win, grow, evolve
2. Motivation to run the organization to win, grow, evolve
3. Motivation for clients to win, grow, evolve

When employees regardless of position have a customized metric panel (view) based on their position it is easier for them to be motivated to win, grow, and evolve. This metric panel changes only when a better input or idea is presented.

Project Work Example: What does this project do for the organization and client? Not, it’s my job and I was told to do it. You need a better answer. It could be we are the first to do this type of work. Or, by learning these skills on this project I will learn a new system that’s more marketable. Or, this is our largest client and it would be nice to grow our trustworthy relationship. Fill in the details per project.

Organization Work Example: What does this do to run the organization? Not, it’s my job and I was told to do it. You need a better answer. It could be this saves five hours per day through automation. It’s easier to communicate with one another. By automating this we can focus our efforts towards higher value work. By involving employees to run a business you are giving them intense motivation and will increase employee retention. They went from a fixed mindset (sometime referred to as a puppet mindset) to a grow mindset (sometime referred to as an owner mindset). In a grow mindset they know they really do make a difference because they are involved in running the business. This will motivate employees and increase retention far greater than finding ways to increase retention in their specialty without involving them with actually running the business. Fill in the details specific to your organization.

Client Example:
What does this do to cultivate the client relationship and get new clients? After you deliver for a client, surely you want to make the system more robust based on their strategic goals and interests. There are a myriad of ways you can do so if you are willing to win, grow, and evolve. This may mean you introduce another type of professional service. One your organization has put in the work to create. You can do a similar project for a new client based on your experience and their strategic goals and interests. Fill in the details.

Having your employees understand and identify the details for a customized metric panel (view) for each category not only allows them to perform their role (specialization), it also allows them to gain in their business knowledge and skills to help your organization win, grow, and evolve. Find the best way for them to see their customized metric panel (view), make it fun, and award points. It may be done by logging into your company web site, via a mobile app, conference call, or meeting. There will be more motivation to win, grow, and evolve. Consistently play at the top of your game.