Winning Mental Pyramid

Raj Gavurla

Raj Gavurla

by Raj Gavurla of LiiiVEN, Inc.

Practical Leading Edge Research and Process Entrepreneurs

Use To Win, Grow, Evolve

Fig. 1 Winning Mental Pyramid

Here’s how it works:

Relationship Between Motivation and Inspiration

Motivation has a relationship with inspiration and your motivation controls your attitude.

This is the top line in your business or what is your motivation?


Your attitude controls your mindset. It’s important to have a positive attitude.


Your mindset controls your mood. Mindset is what you think or the way you think.

Relationship Between Mood and Subconscious

Your mood has a relationship with subconscious. This is the

way you feel, bottom line (make money), or action.

It’s what causes us to do what we do.

How it works is easy. Applying it takes focused effort, right practice, and patience.

As you become more skilled at using it, your team and leadership teamwork will be less doubtful and the mood will flourish. When the Winning Mental Pyramid is aligned, there is a tremendous amount of synergy for peak performance. In most cases, it’s not aligned. Recognize where the misalignment is and focus on this area. Keep in mind the relationship between the four areas.

Deserve to win, grow, and evolve.

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