Does your App or Site need Beta Testers?

I think every founder will want to try this one out.  BetaBait is a great idea.  It’s a way to get early adopters to beta test your web, mobile and social applications. The service is 100% free and only takes a few minutes to submit your beta bait.  I think I’ll try it out right now!

How it works:

Every day startups run into a major problem before they can publicly launch. They need beta users and testers. These people play an important role in helping the startup work out bugs, create new features and even turn into the first customers. However, in the past, founders and marketers have not had an organized and convenient way to find these testers without spamming email databases, social networks and personal contacts.

There are several key tactics to finding more beta users and testers, including: Build a landing page – It’s important that you have a place for potential users to come, learn a little bit about the application or service and be able to either sign-up for a beta invite or request more information. While you can get a web designer or front end developer to create a page like this for you, there are also services that can make it quick and simple, like LaunchRock (

Leverage social networks – With the sheer amount of people and brands using social media networks, like Facebook and Twitter, they can be prime real-estate for attracting interested beta users and testers. For example, setting up a Twitter profile and finding relevant weekly chats, such as #cmgrchat or #smmeasure, can be a great way to get your new startup in front of a relevant crowd. However, don’t just ask for these people to request an invite, participate in the conversation and after you’ve earned their trust, then ask politely.

Introduce yourself to the right people – One of the most important activities to do when trying to find more beta users and testers is to find the influencers. Most people think this is just top tech bloggers or journalists, but there are others, too. For example, reaching out to other startup founders who might have large networks of potential customers (make sure your product doesn’t compete with theirs). Also, asking a blogger if they are interested in learning more or testing the application themselves can be a great way to gain early interest for potential coverage. These types of people, who have access to large networks, are key to find and engage.
Be proactive – If people are willing to sign-up for a beta invite, the best thing you can do is be transparent, open and timely. Don’t keep people in the dark for to long because the chances are if you wait, they will forget they signed up and when your email comes across, they’ll delete it. So make sure you’re close to launch, or, even better, already launched, before you go out seeking beta users and testers.

Of course, there are other ways to find more beta users and testers, but these seem to be the most popular and successful for many startups. If you’d like to share your tactics, please feel free to comment below.


  1. Bisi

    We are looking for beta testers to test our application. Testers can sign up at

    As an incentive, we will give a $20 gift card for a completed beta test.

  2. Zaheer is all about building a platform that enables people to own their professional growth and helps them stay ready for the next change in their career. We would like to get some feedback on its user interface and functionality.

  3. John Harper is a new form of social media and currently looking for beta testers to tease out the bugs! Hope to see you there.

  4. Daifulla Said

    We’re looking for people who play fantasy sports to test our app

  5. Viola

    We’re looking for beta testers for our free karaoke Android app Gaao. This beta version is a pre-released version, please free download it from Gaao webstie:

  6. Sara Greenfest

    New app looking for beta testers. Check out our launch site!

  7. Sara Greenfest

    New app looking for beta testers. Check out our launch site!

  8. Robert Masih

    We’re looking for beta testers for a new messenger app for iOS. If you like making free 1-2-1 calls and Group party calls and hanging out with friends you should sign up!/id1044572633?mt=8

  9. Lisa Sipe

    We’re looking for beta testers for a new drinking game app for iOS. If you like making cocktails and hanging out with friends you should sign up!

  10. Dave

    BetaBait isn’t around anymore, and a lot of similar websites have come and gone. In the past few years, it seems like many new blogs popped up wanting to help startups grow, but these blogs only get a few thousand visitors a month. Instead of adding yourself to the hundreds of blogs out there, focus on the top ones: Betalist, Product Hunt, Launching Next and You may not get listed by all 4, but if you’re listed by one or two, you’ll start seeing your startup shared across Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and tech blogs.

  11. David Harris

    We just opened up the cloud bookmarking service and would like some feedback on its UI and overall functionality.
    A better way to manage your bookmarks!

  12. Ruby Tze at

    We could use some beta testers

  13. Jeffrey

    We use Ubertesters ( to beta-test our apps internationally. So far very pleased with the performance and reports. Share your opinions on the services you use.

  14. Emily

    Since BetaBait isn’t and option for beta tester recruitment anymore, I wanted to pass along a new resource. Betabound ( is a website where any company can announce their beta test for free. I hope it helps! Good luck!

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