Have you run out of money? Can’t afford to hire an engineer at Silicon Valley prices?



Well, I have the answer… learn to code yourself. That’s right. Codecademy is a hot new startup that teaches you how to code.  It’s an easy way to learn how to program javascript. It’s interactive, fun, and you can do it with your friends.  I recommend it to any frustrated founders who need to get something done but don’t have the cash or the patience to employee an engineer at Silicon Valley prices!

Codecademy was created out of the frustrations Zach and Ryan felt with learning how to program. Tired with less effective text and video resources, Ryan and Zach teamed up to create Codecademy, a better, more interactive way to learn programming by actually coding. They say that this is just the beginning. They’re going to be adding all sorts of new courses over time!

They’ve even gamified coding with badges and all.  So give it a try.  Maybe you have what it takes to build your own site or app.

Comments & Advice:
  1. Save for one or two tiny glitches in some of the lessons, sending you in circles for a few minutes, this is an otherwise fabulous addition to my ever-growing stable of “unquestionably useful things to do in order to avoid leaving the house”! Thanks for making me even more of a shut-in!!