Planning on Developing an App? Start with App Cooker

App Cooker

App Cooker

Just heard about App Cooker from a friend, and it’s a pretty nifty tool.  Whether you’re an indie developer, an established company or an amateur, App Cooker helps you shape your iOS application ideas.

It’s pretty easy to use.  Just start with an idea, a sketch or an icon, then utilize the App Board to organize and inspire your work as you go. It’s easy for anyone to use yet achieves professional standard results. App Cooker is a good solution for planning and perfecting your projects until they are ready for production.

App Cooker helps with all sorts of things, including defining your app, evaluating your app, setting up workflows, creating icons, and UI design.

The mockup engine supports live orientation, simple linking and mixes together the real Apple UI, bitmap drawing, vector shapes, text and images. The mockups come to life at your fingertips without a single line of code.

It even helps you with pricing.  With so many pricing options, finding the “sweet spot” that brings in the biggest bounty can be a tricky task. App Cooker solves this issue, helping you compare a wealth of price scenarios to find the right model for your app. It supports in app purchases and advertising, making it easy to forecast revenues, expenses and profit.

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