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We dive into the question that many artists are asking: can AI create 🎨 art? We explore the many ways that artificial intelligence is redefining creativity in the art 🖌️ world, both positively and negatively.

We delve into the different types of AI that artists can use to 🖼️ enhance their work, and how technology can benefit artists in their art businesses. We also discuss the complex purposes of artificial intelligence and how it can help artists convey their message to society, as Steve Hoffman explains, “It’s not about how well you can paint or how well you can make a sculpture. It’s about what your sculpture is saying to society at this point in history.”

Good art changes the way we think. And that starts with having an opinion about something. So, whether you’re an established artist or just starting, learning to use AI to your advantage can have a significant impact on your 📚 business.