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StartUP World 2017

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Date: May 4th, 2017
Location: 2550 Hanover Street, Palo Alto, CA

VC Taskforce StartUP World conference is a program of panels, workshops and pitching opportunities including face-time with investors organized specifically to help start-ups in the funding process. At this event you’ll get funding advice & guidance directly from Investors as to what they want and expect from a start-up company seeking funding.

You can find more information and register here.

3D Printed Human Organs (Founders Space) VIDEO

Making Your Elephant Fly


A friend of mine is struggling to chose her path through life. She doesn’t want money; she wants a purpose. She wants to do something meaningful.

I’ve struggled with this same thing throughout my life. What’s the most meaning thing I can do right now? How can I make a real impact on people’s lives? How important is money versus doing something to better in the world. Even today, I’m asking myself the same questions. Is there a better direction I can take?

Artificial Intelligence Will Steal Your Job (Founders Space) VIDEO

Captain Hoff, the CEO of Founders Space, presents insights on new technology and trends in Silicon Valley.

Hayal Koc, Partner, VP of Sales & Business Development, Expertera

HayalKoc150Hayal Koc joined Founders Space as a mentor. She is a passionate entrepreneur with over a decade of international experience in strategy consulting, investment banking and corporate sales & marketing. She currently leads Sales, Marketing and Busıness Development at Expertera, a successful startup transforming the way we work by connecting companies all around the world with top business talent and expertise in a rapid, flexible and streamlined way. Clients range from top global investment firms and consultancies to small and medium enterprises.

The 1000 Plan Startup Contest on June 10, 2017

Backed by Oriza Holdings and hosted again by SVC Venture Club, this competition is an excellent demo opportunities for highly innovative tech startup teams in AI, Biotech, FinTech, VR/AR, HCI, IoT, TMT, Wearable Tech etc. Distinguished industry experts and top-tier investors from China and the U.S. will join together to judge the contest and provide valuable insights on innovative trends in the Silicon Valley and in China.

You can find more information here.

Kyle Stirling, Entrepreneur & Data-Science Specialist

Kyle Stirling 150Kyle Stirling joined Founders Space as a mentor. He has extensive experience in delivering innovation, creating self-sustaining companies, and establishing business partnerships. He also has a deep understanding of data-driven and healthcare business strategy, and has led start-ups and established companies focusing on go to market strategies and innovations. He is currently Associate Director for Industry and Strategic Initiatives, Data Science Program, School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University.

The Secret Playbook (May 9 at 6 PM)

Why do some ideas make it and other great ideas die on the vine? Why do some founders get funded and others don’t? Tim Harkness, a serial life sciences entrepreneur, will give you his perspective on what you need to know to get money and build a real company in the life sciences technology space. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about what it takes to build something from nothing and Tim is prepared to debunk them all and give you his secret, insider’s guide to building a valuable life science technology company.

Bharat Desai, Hi-Tech Operations Expert, Business Coach & Advisor

BharatDesai150Bharat Desai joined Founders Space as a mentor. He is a hi-tech operations executive turned business coach and advisor. He is CEO and Founder of Shalshiv Associates, a management coaching and consulting firm. Bharat is passionate about helping organizations solve their performance problems by showing them how to focus their organizational efforts and create a culture of accountability, discipline, and systems. His expertise is in helping organizations achieve exceptional organizational performance.

DECODE Silicon Valley – Insider’s Guide for Entrepreneurs @ SBC Pitch Night (April 20)


BREAK RULES to grow & scale your start-up. Learn which rules & other valuable insights from VC & Silicon Valley Insider, Jon Baer @ SBC Pitch Night.

You can find more information here.

Brave News World (6:30-9:00pm on April 18, 2017)

Making Sense of News & Information in the Digital Age

The importance of journalism and a free press is one of the pillars of a democratic society. But what is “real” and what is “fake” when absolutely everything can be questioned? The news has never been more important, but at the same time, confidence and viewership of traditional news sources is declining, while emerging media, crowd-sourced news and digital sharing is on the rise. Consumers are bombarded with “alternative facts,” misleading advertising, hoaxes, and politically-slanted humor. Join this event for a panel discussion that explores the reliability of different information sources and learn how we can make better informed judgments as we sift through the onslaught of information rushing at us 24×7.

David Hughson, Globalization Expert

hughson-headshot-150David Hughson joined Founders Space as a mentor. As National Director of Business Development at Globalization Partners, he is responsible for developing a network of strategic partners around the world. For more than 10 years, David has demonstrated a passion for helping businesses to grow globally, and his focus has been on enabling international expansion for US companies. His enthusiasm for connecting people and businesses to drive successful outcomes is integral to his success.

Shenzhen Nanshan “Entrepreneurship Star” Contest

The 2017 Shenzhen Nanshan “Entrepreneurship Star” Contest (Round 1 of 2) is now opened for registration for startups in Silicon Valley.

Blue Angel Startups & Innovation Club, the co-organizer of this year’s Contest for the Silicon Valley round, will select 20 innovative startups from Silicon Valley to participate in this year’s contest that offers 3.1 million RMB in total prizes.

You can find more information here.

Frank Neumann, Serial Entrepreneur & Angel Investor

Frank150 Frank Neumann joined Founders Space as a mentor. He is a German automotive engineer and former founder of MoviTrack in South America. With a passion for the human factor, pioneering technologies and futuristic ideas, he is focused on brilliant new projects and coaching intercultural fast growing companies and ambitious minds.

Born in 1962 in the American sector of divided Berlin, he studied and lived half of his life in Germany, when moving in 1990 to Brazil and finally Argentine, where he founded together with his wife in 1994 the MoviTrack company – a life dream became true!

TiECon 2017 in Santa Clara (May 5-6)

TiECon Image

TiEcon is the largest technology anchored conference dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship. Ranked alongside Demo, TED and World Economic Forum among top 10 conferences worldwide for ideas and entrepreneurship by Worth magazine, TiEcon attracted over 50,000 entrepreneurs and professionals from over 50 countries in the past. Last year alone, there were over 4,700 participants from 22 countries.

Register to attend or exhibit.

Dru’s Bootcamp: Get over the 7 Massive Mistakes


At this Bootcamp on April 22, 2017, learn how to get your dream product off of the runway, make an impact in the world, and get funded:

  • Find Your Peak-performance, Success Mindset formula during this full day of world-class Business Coaching by Dru Babcock of Power Curve Coaching.
  • Leave with clear, intelligent and inspiring actions on your calendar for all of 2017! Know exactly what to do and when!
  • Disc / Values assessment reports

ECI Awards 2017 is calling for entries now!

ECI Awards small

ECI Awards 2017 is currently open for entries. ECI Awards made quite a few changes this year to categories, judging standard, eligibility, etc.

Early bird deadline is March 31, 2017.

Final deadline is April 30, 2017

You can find out more here.

Startup World Cup in San Francisco on March 24th

Grand Finale

Register with promo code Startup (case sensitive) for 50% discount at SWC website.

Startup World Cup is a global series of pitch competitions organized by Fenox Venture Capital. They organized 16 regionals events in 13 different countries throughout last year, and they are bringing the winners to San Francisco on March 24th to fight for a $1M investment prize. This will be a day-long global conference and pitch contest and there will be top notch industry speakers on stage, including Steve Wozniak (Co-founder, Apple), Phil Libin (Co-founder, Evernote), Alexis Ohanian (Co-founder, Reddit), Daymond John (Investor @ ABC’s SharkTank), Guy Kawasaki (Co-founder @ Garage Technology Ventures), and many others.

HardwareCon, March 24th – 25th, 2017


HardwareCon is this week on March 24th-25th and our friends at HardwareCon are offering our community a special 15% discount off one-day and two-day passes. If you haven’t gotten your ticket there is still time.

HardwareCon is a 2-day conference devoted to helping hardware startup founders & CEO’s take their startup to the next level. They bring numerous hardware experts with various backgrounds and expertise ranging from designers to investors to answer your toughest questions about how to build your hardware product and business. If you attend, you will learn something new about how to make, sell and grow your hardware product into a robust hardware company.