Jon Littman (Author of The Art of Innovation) on The Founders Space Podcast

Captain Hoff interviews Jon Littman, the bestselling business author. Jon spent six years interviewing and studying the key principals at IDEO, the renowned design and innovation consulting firm. His eight works of non-fiction published with major NY houses include two collaborations with Tom Kelley of IDEO – the international bestsellers The Art of Innovation, and Ten Faces of Innovation (over 750,000 copies sold worldwide in 11 languages), taught at business schools worldwide.

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Dr. Ryan Spitler (Deputy Dir of Precision Health & Integrated Diagnostics at Stanford) on Founders Space Podcast

Captain Hoff interviews Dr. Ryan Spitler, the Deputy Director of the Precision Health and Integrated Diagnostics Center at Stanford University.

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Riding a Wave of Hype: Blockchain, AI, VR & More

My friends at Angel Camp visited us today, and we discussed how to invest in startups. One of the best questions was how do you know if a tend is worth investing in or overhyped?

MY ANSWER: Don’t bet on the trend alone. You need to look deeper. You need to analyze what value the startup is creating for their customers. It’s not enough to be using a new technology like AI or blockchain.

Jerry Tarasofsky (Author of The HALO Effect) on Founders Space Podcast

Captain Hoff interviews Jerry Tarasofsky, serial entrepreneur, speaker, and author of The HALO Effect ( – an innovative approach to creating long-term successful businesses. The HALO Effect is the methodology behind the MRI for Businesses diagnostic, the application that has effectively helped many businesses grow.

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Radical Innovation

By Steven Hoffman, the author of Make Elephant Fly!

AI, Mind Tech & the Future of Humankind

Steve Hoffman, the author of Make Elephant Fly, imagines a future where mind technology, brain chips and neuroscience come together to reshape the human species.

Transhumanism is already happening. We are evolving beyond our current physical and mental limitations by using science and technology to augment our bodies and minds. In the near future, we will radically redefine what it means to be human.

Hunting Unicorns: The Art of Investing in Silicon Valley Startups

By Steven Hoffman, the author of Make Elephant Fly!

CASPA 2018 Annual Conference Startup Pitch

CASPA 2018 Annual Conference

Our startup pitch offers startups a free opportunity to pitch their venture for instant inputs from fellow entrepreneurs. Join us to talk about your great product that will change the world!

If you are interested in pitching, showcase your product and network with 500+ Silicon Valley Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Investors, please select the ticket “startup company enrollment” to request for pitch session and display table. This is only an enrollment request and subject to review. We will notify you if it is accepted. Display table and pitch time are also subject to availability.

Bay Angels Investors Event on Sept 25, 2018

Bay Angels Pitch Event is an investors’ event for which all are welcome. Presenting companies are from early stage to significant traction – from -Seed to Angel to Pre- A.

Door tickets are not available, so please register here in advance.

Travel Pitch Night on Oct. 9, 2018

The first West Coast edition of Voyager HQ’s Travel Pitch Night will bring together entrepreneurs, corporate partners, and investors from around the world for an inside look at the next generation of travel industry products and services.

If you want to pitch, please apply here by Friday, September 21.

For 25% off tickets and additional information, please go here.

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2018

Use FoundersSpace10 for a 10% discount.

Don’t miss one of my favorite geek events of the year: Silicon Valley Code Camp.

Code Camp is a community event where developers learn from fellow developers. We also have developer related topics that include software branding, legal issues around software as well as other topics developers are interested in hearing about.

Register Here

What’s Up with Elon?

Did you hear the latest Elon Musk interview with Joe Rogan? Listen to the tone of his voice. There’s wistful sadness. It’s almost like he’s crying inside.

I feel sorry for the guy. He’s clearly losing it.

It’s not that he smoked pot and broadcast it to the world. It’s the timing–right when everyone is questioning his competency.

Beyond Meat – The Startup that Grossed Me Out!

Beyond Meat – The Startup that Grossed Me Out!

I just tried the Beyond Meat Burger, which looks and tastes like real meat, but it’s not. It’s vegetarian, and people are raving about it.

I thought I’d love it. I’m looking to eat less meat for both environmental and ethical reasons, and I really wanted to support this startup. But I couldn’t!

Startup Fair on September 15, 2018

Looking to break into the Silicon Valley startup scene? Look no further.

Join Albert’s List and JC Promotions for a startup job fair and networking event, September 15 in Mountain View. With jobs across the board in technology, marketing, finance, engineering, and more, there’s something for everyone.

Register Here

Upstart 50 – Gala Event

Meet the Upstart 50. The nation’s leading inventors, innovators, creators, and funders.

Register Here!

Join the San Francisco Business Times and the Silicon Valley Business Journal for cocktails and conversation with the leaders driving the creation of the worlds new innovation capital.

Meet the Upstart 50 honorees – the Inventors, Creatives, Backers – and Masters and hear some of their best stories and lessons in intimate and in-depth fireside chats.

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Steven Hoffman
Founders Space

Future of Automotive Pitch Night on Sept. 12, 2018

Join Startup Basecamp and AutoLevy for an exciting pitch night on the future of the automotive industry!

If you are a startup in the automotive space interested in pitching to industry leaders, you can still apply. The deadline is August 31.

Future of Automotive Pitch Night will be a fun shark-tank-style event where startups will have the opportunity to pitch to top industry leaders, get feedback on their pitch and connect with significant international managers & players.

What Are Bitcoin and the Blockchain?

Do you have any templates for employment and consulting agreements?

Naomi Kokubo

Naomi Kokubo

by Naomi Kokubo, Editor of Founders Space

Below is a link to the Employment & Consultant Documents provided by Orrick.  Keep in mind, these do not replace having a good attorney, but they do provide a good starting point.

Go see Employment & Consultant Docs

Employee Offer Letter

My Personal Rules for Deal Making

I have one rule that is true for every type of sales is never chase losers. If someone is unwilling or unable to commit to deal, cut your losses and move on. The sooner you do this the better. Every day you spend chasing a deal that is unlikely to close is one day you could spend finding the right buyer, partner, investor, or client. Closing deals isn’t about spending time with the prospect; it’s about find the right prospect.

Industries of the Future by Alec Ross

Review: Industries of the Future by Alec Ross is a thought-provoking book. It’s not so much about the future but really about innovations taking place around the world right now. He does a good job of providing examples and explaining the implications.

Rating: ★★★★