Beware of Web3 Games & Crypto Scams

Web3 games, or decentralized games built on blockchain technology, have gained popularity in recent years. These include Axie Infinity, Neopets Meta, Alien Worlds, and Splinterlands. These games offer players the ability to own and trade in-game items using cryptocurrency, and offer the potential for financial gain through the appreciation of these assets.

However, it is important to be aware of the potential dangers and risks associated with web3 games and cryptocurrency. One of the main risks is the risk of inflation. Because the supply of most cryptocurrencies is not fixed, there is the potential for inflation to occur as more units of the currency are created. This can lead to the devaluation of the currency and potentially result in financial losses for players who hold large amounts of it.

Another danger to be aware of is the risk of hacks and cyber attacks. Web3 games and cryptocurrency exchanges are vulnerable to being hacked, resulting in the loss of in-game items and cryptocurrency for players. In addition, there is the risk of financial fraud and scams, such as fake investment opportunities or Ponzi schemes, which can result in the loss of cryptocurrency for players.

Finally, the use of cryptocurrency and web3 games is not yet fully regulated, which can create additional risks for players. In some cases, governments have attempted to restrict or ban the use of cryptocurrency, leading to legal issues for those who own or use it.

Overall, while web3 games and cryptocurrency offer the potential for financial gain and unique in-game experiences, it is important to be aware of the dangers and risks associated with them. Just look at how inflation and hacking have hit Axie Infinity, as well as the FTX collapse. If you want to play these games for fun, be my guest, but don’t invest any money you can’t afford to lose.


  1. Marc Langcore

    That’s right. You’ve got to be very careful with crypto, or you’ll get ripped off.

  2. Jason Hill

    So true! Crypto is a total scam.

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