Beyond Meat – The Startup that Grossed Me Out!

Beyond Meat – The Startup that Grossed Me Out!

I just tried the Beyond Meat Burger, which looks and tastes like real meat, but it’s not. It’s vegetarian, and people are raving about it.

I thought I’d love it. I’m looking to eat less meat for both environmental and ethical reasons, and I really wanted to support this startup. But I couldn’t!

It’s not the taste. It’s the texture and smell. It’s similar to beef but slightly different, which totally grosses me out. It’s the “uncanny valley” of meat. It’s like when you see a robot face that is almost human, but it’s not–it’s downright scary and bizarre.

That’s exactly how I reacted when I cooked up this burger. I was freaked out by the smell. I’ll have to go back to regular veggie burgers. I’m sorry Beyond Meat. Nice try!

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