Entrepreneur A Day Interviews Captain Hoff

Frank GiffordFrank (Giff) Gifford just interviewed Captain Hoff for his Podcast: Entrepreneur A Day!

The Podcast with Captain Hoff should be live any day now…


Also, check out Giff’s other interviews while you’re at it.

Frank (Giff) Gifford discovered computers at the age of eleven and was hooked ever since. He’s a generalist programmer who has programmed from Microsoft Access all the way to kernel device drivers and can expound on the “volatile” keyword in C.

The Giff knows that the traditional employee model is that you have one – and only one – customer; most call that person a “boss”. If your customer doesn’t like you or your work product, then you are unemployed. The reality is that job security is having multiple customers and being an entrepreneur is the only path to that security.

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