Extreme Startups – the Incubator Up North

Do you want to take your company to an extreme? Well, we’ve found the incubator for you.  Extreme Startups is extremely cold.  At least for those of us living in sunny California.  It’s way up in Ontario, Canada.  But that shouldn’t stop you.  First of all, they’re offering $200,000 in funding to each startup that enters their program.  Nice!   That can buy you plenty of long underwear.

They also have a nice roster of mentors and solid industry connections. Most importantly, they have a program that they put you through to make sure you’re prepared to spend their money wisely.  Are you up for a trip to the great white north?   If so, Extreme Startups is worth considering.  And they have a sense of humor…

Check this out:

Here’s what they’re looking for…

Extreme Startups funds technology-oriented companies with a focus on web or mobile-based software, but they are open to companies in any space with compelling ideas and solutions.  Teams with the best chances of acceptance will present a combination of market knowledge, technical expertise, and a demanding audience hungry for their solution along with founders who aren’t put off by the challenges that launching a successful startup presents.

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