Film Opportunity for the Startup Community

Temi Ojo

Temi Ojo

Ever wanted to be in a movie?   Or at least help out?  Well, now is your chance.  Temi Ojo, shown in the photo, is doing an independent feature film called “Seedless” here in San Francisco, and its protagonist is the founder of an internet startup. The film deals with some serious social issues. View the trailer below, and you’ll get a sense.

About the Project:

With a story set in the SF Bay Area and Silicon Valley, the filmmakers behind “Seedless” seek partnership and sponsorship from high tech startups, incubators and financiers who wish to participate in the film. The opportunity includes brand integration/product placement in the film, tax-deductible donation to the project, creative consulting on the project and cameo in the finished film.

The Storyline:

When an ambitious French-American journalist learns that her fiancé compromised their relationship to finance his high-tech start-up, she must decide whether she loves him enough to forgive, or she’s willing to sacrifice love for her Pulitzer-worthy sex-slavery story.

Learn more about Seedless at

If interested, please contact Temi [email protected] or Vanessa [email protected]

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