Founders Spotlight: Javier Sevilla’s

Javier Sevilla

Javier Sevilla

Javier Sevilla is the CEO of, and new startup we just love.    Jobssy isn’t just any job’s site.  It’s all about the artificial intelligence that underlies its recommendations. Jobssy reinvents the job Selection process finding automatically the right talented staff in the Cloud through Artificial Intelligence.

Connecting companies with their ideal candidates, and job-seekers with their ideal jobs, Jobssy cuts down on time spent by both, the company and the job-seeker, during the job search process using Artificial Intelligence technology.

Jobssy recommends automatically the best candidates for a job opening, indexing social networks and jobseekers databases. For the jobseekers the other way around, Jobssy recommends the best job openings in the Cloud.

Jobssy can give you the key to your success recruiting automatically your best talent and cutting dramatically the time to hire. Jobssy will be your new automated Recruiter

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