Join Startup Research 2020

Researchers from the University of California (Irvine), Notre Dame University, and the University of Colorado Boulder are looking for startup teams for a research study with the goal to understand factors that lead to effective, high-performing teams. Participation in this study is a unique opportunity for you and your team to gain invaluable and actionable insights into your team’s performance and how to improve it. At the same time, your participation will help to improve the lives of people who are living and working through both current and potential future pandemics.

The study should only take 3-4 hours of your time over a ten-week period. You will receive up to $350 in Amazon gift cards for your efforts (see additional information and criteria below). Furthermore, they will provide you (and only you) with your data and your results to help you work more effectively.

This study has been approved by the university human subjects review board. They will guarantee that all your data will be kept confidential, and identified in the analyses only by a random identification code.

Participation in this study is contingent upon meeting all of the following eligibility criteria:
• You are a member of a team of size 3-7 people (By team, we refer to a group of work colleagues with whom you closely interact with on a specific project, or set of projects).
• The majority (at least 3) of team members must participate in the study.
• You spend at least 10 hours/week working with your team.
• You have an iPhone running at least iOS 13 or an Android phone running at least version 7.1.2

What you will need to do:
• Complete a one-time survey (30-45 min) at the start of the study.
• Complete one short survey (about 1-2 min) each day from Monday to Friday.
• Be willing to wear a smartwatch 24/7 as you go about your daily work.
• Be willing to run an app on your phone in the background (it will not impact your battery life).
• Place a Bluetooth proximity beacon at your current primary work location and, should you return to an in-person work environment, carry a portable beacon with you at all times (e.g. on your key ring or in your pocket).
• Optional: be willing to allow a member of the research team to unobtrusively observe your workplace occasionally in case you return to an in-person work environment.
• Optional: be willing to have times logged on your work computer for Slack, Zoom, email, and other communication technologies. Please note that no content will be recorded, only meta-data such as the name of the application, when it was opened, and for how long it was used. You will receive $50 if you upload your log files to our secure servers (instructions will be provided at the end of the study period).

What are the next steps?

Please fill out this short Google form and a member of the research team will contact you.

For further information please contact them at: [at] gmail [dot] com

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