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We just found out about OPEN IDEA, an open source methodology, to support the “communication start-up process”, in small and medium organizations.

The aim of this IDEAWARE is to give entrepreneurs, managers and communication students, a MAP, TOOLS and INSPIRATION to develop and manage the communication of their organization.

They will be coming to the Collision Conf in Las Vegas, and then to San Francisco and the Silicon Valley in May, if you want to meet them!

Comments & Advice:
  1. Jarred Collum says:

    I have an idea and I’m looking into any help would be appreciated
    I am a gun manufacturer and I am thing about offering guns as a stock guns have out preformed good 34 years in a row how nice would it be to put peoples money into something that can’t lose even if even if the market clapped in any bad case owning Gus is worth more than gold


    I’m getting ready to buy a commercial marijuana license in Michigan in December. I am a medical marijuana care giver right now(for two years).I am looking to start 6 different businesses in the marijuana business.I am looking to fine a investore ,do you know how I could fine a investor in this field .

  3. Norman Jones says:

    Investors needed in a California 420 Cafe Private Club.
    Cannabis lounge not a dispensary.

  4. Dean Stowers says:

    I’m starting a skin care business how do I find investors and would OTC become a good idea ?

  5. 30 plus years managing hotels. Looking to buy and manage hotels. Need capital partners to get started.

  6. Hello, I am a student/entrepreneur and I would like to know the best way to find investors to help build up my clothing line. Feedback would be much appreciated.

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