Our Brains are Hardwired & Ancient


Our brains aren’t like computers. They don’t have any software. There’s no operating system. It’s 100% hardware. It’s like if you had a computer and everything was hardwired.

Fortunately, the design of our brains is nothing like a computer, otherwise, we’d be stuck. Our brains are an incredibly complex tangle of neurons, which are divided into regions. Each of these regions can communicate with 50% of the other regions.

In other words, we have a massively multitasking system, where everything is communicating with everything else at once, and out of this maelstrom of signals emerges thoughts and consciousness. That’s the amazing part, but it gets even more amazing.

Even though our brains are hardwired and haven’t changed in over 100,000 years, our brains have been able to adapt to a world that is changing constantly. Even more incredible, the rate of change in our technologically driven culture has been accelerating.

Despite the fact that our world doesn’t resemble anything like what our ancestors experience, we have been able to adapt and embrace this change with hardware that is over 100 millennia old. And that’s the truly unbelievable thing about architecture of our brains.

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