Teamitt – Unleash the Passion of Employees

As part of our Founders Spotlight, we like to highlight promising startups. This week we’re shining our light on Teamitt.

Teamitt helps companies unleash the passion of employees along with helping employees realize their purpose at work.  Teamitt simplifies creating engagement with your employees, customers and at events. It not only allows you to set engagement goals but also allows you to measure and reward engagement.

In the existing models, motivating employees lies in the hands of their managers. As we all know, not every manager is an expert in the art of motivating employees, and even if they are, it is not humanly possible for a manager to motivate all employees on a daily basis and in a consistent manner.

The goal of Teamitt is to help turn this inefficiency into business profits by unleashing the untapped human potential in the workforce.

The best way to motivate employees is to show seamlessly, in real-time how their day-to-day operations are impacting the business goals of the company in an easy to participate, simple to engage and fun to learn environment. Teamitt helps to achieve this seamless integration.

Engagement for Innovation through Gamification

Engagement at work perpetuates creative ideas and innovative insights. Teamitt help create an engaging environment by infusing simple games into daily operations of employees. Receiving another work email is not so boring and mundane anymore.

Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Sharing and Learning

Company knowledge, operational insights are gained by employees and stored in employee brains. Teamitt makes it easy for employees to make that wealth of knowledge available to other employees in the company by incentivizing them with more visibility within the company.

Intelligent Platform for Operational Efficiency

Teamitt is an intelligent platform. It learns patterns among employees and patterns among projects. This intelligence can be applied for operational efficiency.

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