What’s the Science behind a Startup? An LA Incubator Thinks it Knows

A hot new incubator hits LA…  This time it’s Science. It’s the brainchild of Color cofounder, Peter Pham and former MySpace CEO Mike Jones. With their connections and Silicon Valley money, they should do alright.

Here’s their pitch:

Science creates, scales and acquires successful digital businesses by bringing together the best ideas, talent, resources and financing through a centralized platform. Science focus’s on three things: developing new businesses, providing emerging startups with operational strategy and capital, and transforming later-stage Internet ventures with new talent and innovations.

Here’s their roster:

Mike Jones is an Internet executive, investor and strategic advisor. A long-time entrepreneur, Mike founded his first successful Internet company in college and since then, has founded, built and sold numerous online and mobile businesses. His experience and expertise in both large and small companies focuses on strategy, growth, and operational efficiency resulting in over $500M in successful investor outcomes.

Peter Pham is a passionate entrepreneur and advisor with roots in Southern California starting his career with 8 years in the enterprise hardware and software space. Having success in building companies ranging from solid state storage to SAS businesses Peter then focused his time in the consumer internet space, moving to Silicon Valley in 2005 building companies like Photobucket.

Tom Dare has over 15 years of experience building and managing Internet companies through startup, growth and turnaround stages. Tom served as the VP of Business Intelligence for Myspace, responsible for user engagement and monetization analytics for +100 million monthly users. Prior to joining MySpace, Tom was the COO of Tsavo Media an online publishing network of over 400 owned and operated sites.

Mike Macadaan is a user experience professional, advisor and entrepreneur. With a background in interaction design, visual design and product development, Mike has developed and improved products for over 14 years. His experience in creating multidisciplinary strategies and tactics to solve research, design, and differentiation problems has repeatedly lead to positive results.

Ryan Sit is an experienced entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience in the Internet space. Uniquely strong in both web development and business strategy, Sit has deep hands-on experience creating companies from inception/funding to acquisition. Sit focuses on innovation, rapid development, product design, bootstrapping, monetization, optimization, and growth.

If you’re looking for a home in LA and want an A-list team of advisors, this looks like a good place to start.

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