Developing a Customer Profile Helps with Selling

Karen Milde, CEO and Co-Founder, Reframe Marketing Inc.

To determine what the customer wants, needs and desires, most companies and business will develop a customer profile. It is also helpful when doing marketing analysis and advertising since you will have a list of targeted customers. There could be more than one customer profile as products are different and can be matched up with suitable customers. Below are some tips when developing a customer profile.

1. Collect a customer’s characteristics. They are the foundation of your customer profile. Consider the age, gender, marital status, household size, employment status, location, income, occupation, education level and country of birth of your potential customers.

2. Know a customer’s hobbies and activities. From the types of movies, books, magazines that your customers like to the outdoor activities they enjoy. This information can help you understand your customers and can help form more effective advertising campaigns.

3. Evaluate a customer’s beliefs and attitudes. What will affect your customer when making purchasing decisions? Factors such as price, location, convenience, customer service, image, and promotions should be considered. Even a customer’s emotional state could be a factor to consider; for example, if a person is happy it is more likely he/she will be more in a positive disposition to purchase your product or service than a person who is not.

4. Find out a customer’s needs and expectations. Without understanding what exactly your customers are looking for, you may be delivering a product or service that most will have no interest in.

5. Update, update, and update! Staying connected with customers is essential as trends and people’s preferences are constantly changing. Developing a customer profile is not a one time exercise. It is an ongoing project that is constantly evolving and it is absolutely critical that profiles are kept current and up to date.

Before you even begin selling, try and put together a customer profile and tweak it as you go. It will go a long way in helping to market your products and services to your ideal customers so much easier.

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