US CTO Todd Park on Embedding Lean Startup in Government

US CTO Todd Park on Embedding Lean Startup in Government – Interview with U.S. CTO, Todd Park (did you know we had a CTO?) about how the U.S. Government has successfully embedded Lean Startup methodologies.

This video and article was produced by David Spark, who was reporting for the New Relic Blog ( at The Lean Startup Conference in San Francisco.

Comments & Advice:
  1. Nari Kannan says:

    Todd Park is very cool! It is easy to bring innovative ideas to the Private Sector but doing it and changing the mindset of a whole Government is challenge of a higher order! Vivek Kundra, the previous CTO brought in “Cloud First” policy in the first Obama administration. Govt agencies need to explore using cloud computing first before justifying individual hardware and software purchases. Todd will continue this work and I am currently in Washington DC working on some very challenging projects in healthcare. You may be surprised at how forward thinking the last and current Obama administrations are! Lots of potential for technologies that have made fb, twitter, yahoo and google successful to be brought to Govt agencies!