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Xspaced is a San Francisco based startup that specializes in interactive virtual tours for residential and commercial real estate: apartments, homes, offices, retail spaces, event venues, hotel suites, etc.



Distill is offering a special startup marketing package. Just contact Jeff at [email protected] and mention Founders Space Special.


Many of you have met Jeff Goldsmith and love his work. He’s an active mentor at Founders Space. He also has an incredible team of designers, writers, marketers and coders, who have launched great marketing programs for over 20 years. Read More...


aerospike_logo_set_horizontal2Aerospike is offering a fully scalable database solution to our startups. It’s faster than Mongo, Cassandra, Redis, etc.

Contact Monica [email protected] and mention Founders Space Special.

Aerospike is an open source key-value store: the first flash-optimized in-memory NoSQL database with the speed of Redis, scale of Cassandra, and price/performance of flash. It is used as a session store, cookie store, user profile store, id-mapping store, for fraud detection, dynamic pricing, real-time recommendations, real-time bidding, real-time analytics and personalization of user experiences across mobile apps, websites and portals. Read More...

Bridge Bank


Bridge Bank is hands-down the most service oriented startup bank. And they’re offering a special package to our startups. It’s the “Bridge to Growth” banking account:

Bridge


KITE’s mission is to help startups get connected to big brands/agencies to help them find customers and partners. They have an AngelList-like platform where startups can get connected directly to decision makers within those big brands. On the service side they help big brands find perfect startup to work with.

All of their services are totally free for startups and they don’t even take any commissions or equity. They get our revenue from those big brands who are their paying customers.

If you’re interested in getting connected with executive level decision makers within those brands, please follow this link to register your KITE profile to get started:

Redcube Studios

Redcube is simply amazing. They are so talented. Just look at their videos.

That’s why we’re now using them for our special Founders Space videos. They are true artists. If you’re about to create a video for your website, AngelList, Indiegogo or Kickstarter, you should pay Redcube a visit. They do fantastic work at a very reasonable price. And if you mention Founders Space, you’ll get a sizable discount.

Morrison Foerster

mofoJohnMorrison Foerster has a special package for startup founders. Just contact John Campbell [email protected] and mention Founders Space.

We strive to be an extremely well-balanced law firm, providing a broad range of services. We are leaders in each of the areas in which we practice. These include litigation, financial services, intellectual property and technology, and transactional work, such as corporate, capital markets and real estate finance representations.

We believe that the kind of intelligence that clients look for when they seek us out for intellectual property advice, or for a bet-the-company case, is actually quite similar to that exhibited by our lawyers who come up with novel financial products for our financial services clients. Creative thinking, and a passion for practical solutions, inform all our work. Learn about our practices.



WebFaction is offering a $10 per month hosting package that is ideal for startups.

Use the promo code FOUNDER2017 and get two free months of service (value $20)! Read More...

Bootstrap Marketing

Just plain smart marketing.-1Bootstrap Marketing is our partner and has a special startup package they can offer you.  Contact Martyn Crew, the CEO, at [email protected] and be sure to mention the Founders Space Special.

Over the years, Bootstrap’s team has worked or consulted for over fifty startup companies. They understand exactly what startups need.


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