Millennial Design

Millennial Design is offering a special startup UI/UX design package. Just contact Phounsouk at [email protected] and mention Founders Space Special.

Millennial Design is on the cutting edge of design. Their full-service design agency understands the digital revolution, going social, tweeting, twerking, and much more. They’re making waves in Silicon Valley and abroad, collaborating with fellow futurists to influence the world we live in.

Boffins – Design & Marketing


The Boffins design and market digital products for game changers. We’ve taken startups from ideas to market to growth. Developing their branding, marketing and strategy.

We’re already over 50% cheaper than other agencies out there, and being from Founders Space, we thought we’d offer startups from the Space an additional 20% off!

Startups can find out more at:

Boost Insider

For all you startups out there, today I’d like to shine the spotlight on a fellow startup called Boost Insider. They’ve figured out to get social media influencers to promote your product for you. See their video below…

Free .TECH domains for startups in the Founders Space community

TECH.TECH domain names up for grabs!

Founders Space members, alumni and mentors can now get a special deal on .TECH domains

Coupon Code: TECHFOUNDER (For standard .TECH domain names)

Description: The .techSquad from Radix would love to offer Founders Space startups the below

Perks: FREE standard .TECH domain names for the Founders Space

Special access and discounts (upto 100%) on premium (high-valued) .TECH domain names based on usage



KickoffLabs is an ideal solution for anyone who wants to quickly validate their market. Instead of spending weeks or months to build a website and mobile app, in an hour or less, you can launch a landing page and start driving traffic to it.

It’s the perfect way to test your main hypotheses and figure out what your customers actually want. KickoffLabs offers everything from pre-made templates to analytics and A/B testing. You can try it out for free.

Startup Savant

Startup Savant (, built by Ryan James and hosted by Liesha Petrovich, is the ad-free online magazine that helps aspiring business owners get started on the right track. With authors from across the country, they feature guides to help you start, run, and grow a successful business in California

Startup League

startup league

Founder’s Space members – Exclusive invite to join the Startup League!

The Startup League ( is a unique initiative providing marketing support to promising and disruptive startups from Founders Space. Benefits include Event Sponsorship, Media mentions, VIP access to high valued domains and more!

Marketing is ancillary to the core functions of any startup. If done right, at each stage marketing helps you differently; from discovering the right employees, investors, business partners and ultimately, helping your startup scale up and take off!

The Philosophical Approach to Business


I met Sabrina Liu in Chengdu, and she is a wonderful, caring person. She is also a lawyer and business consultant. The reason I’m writing about her is that her business advisory company has a unique approach to business, especially in China. Below is an email that she wrote me that outlines her way of doing business. I think you will see why she is a role model to me.

The Philosophical Approach:

Dear Steve,


We use DocVerify for all of our legal agreements. It’s the most secure eSignature solution out there. Compared to other providers, it’s an average of 50% less. Also, you can sign up for a free account, which will allow you to send 5 e-signature documents per month. Can’t beat that! Just contact Darcy at [email protected] and mention Founders Space.

WebWallflower Events

WebWallflower Events is run by Cassie Phillipps, and it’s the place to go to if you want to know what’s up with the Bay Area tech scene.  She covers it all.  These events include meetups, tech sessions, entrepreneur networking, VC panels, launch parties and more!

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Newdo Venture

NEWDONewDo is a venture capital firm started by energetic minds. We are fully devoted to help startups to succeed at their initial stage.

The primary sectors we invest in include technology-enabled business service, cloud computing, SaaS, enterprise software, consumer services, marketplaces, e-commerce, mobile and networked devices. We genuinely believe that NewDo has the uppermost advantage to help facilitate the growth of startup companies at their early stages. Primarily at this moment, we invest in seed rounds with not only funding but comprehensive support in pursuit of a long-term strategic relationship with entrepreneurs.

SF Beta

SF Beta has become a hub of founder activity in San Francisco.   It is now San Francisco’s largest monthly startup mixer. Since launching in September, 2006, SF Beta has brought together thousands of people from hundreds of startups, creating innumerable connections along the way.

SF Beta is produced by the irrepressible Christain Perry, who is someone every founder should meet.  In three years, he has become a central figure in the Bay Area startup world, and now he’s expanding to Boston… so watch out East Coasters!