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What’s the best way to test a new website on a budget?

Naomi Kokubo

Naomi Kokubo

Question: My startup is launching a new website.  It’s in “alpha” right now.   I need to test it out before it goes to public “beta”.   What’s the best way to test a new website on a budget?  I can’t afford costly focus groups or expensive usability studies.

Answer by Naomi Kokubo, Editor of Founders Space

Planning on Developing an App? Start with App Cooker

Just heard about App Cooker from a friend, and it’s a pretty nifty tool.  Whether you’re an indie developer, an established company or an amateur, App Cooker helps you shape your iOS application ideas.

It’s pretty easy to use.  Just start with an idea, a sketch or an icon, then utilize the App Board to organize and inspire your work as you go. It’s easy for anyone to use yet achieves professional standard results. App Cooker is a good solution for planning and perfecting your projects until they are ready for production.

Making a Game out of Learning to Program!

That’s right.  Coding is no longer some boring, arduous task.  It’s now become a game thanks to Treehouse.   They’ve developed a Facebook app called Code Racer that let’s players compete at coding.

Code Racer is a multi-player live coding game that teaches newbies how to code a basic website using HTML and CSS, and tests intermediate and advanced users on their coding speed and agility. Players race against each other and the clock to complete coding challenges, unlocking weapons and rewards along the way.

Have you run out of money? Can’t afford to hire an engineer at Silicon Valley prices?

Well, I have the answer… learn to code yourself. That’s right. Codecademy is a hot new startup that teaches you how to code.  It’s an easy way to learn how to program javascript. It’s interactive, fun, and you can do it with your friends.  I recommend it to any frustrated founders who need to get something done but don’t have the cash or the patience to employee an engineer at Silicon Valley prices!

Does your App or Site need Beta Testers?

I think every founder will want to try this one out.  BetaBait is a great idea.  It’s a way to get early adopters to beta test your web, mobile and social applications. The service is 100% free and only takes a few minutes to submit your beta bait.  I think I’ll try it out right now!

How it works:

Do you know of any good services for getting quick technical answers?

Naomi Kokubo

Naomi Kokubo

By Naomi Kokubo, Editor of Founders Space

Excellent question for Founders Space!

I love Stackoverflow.  It’s a great forum for getting answers to technical questions.

Also, check out — they’re a new service I came across that does exactly this.   They’re also a startup and a Member of Founders Space.  I’d definitely check them out.  It’s always nice to help fellow Members.

The Inexorable Rise of Efficiency

Nicholas de Wolff

Nicholas de Wolff

by Nicholas de Wolff, founder of deW Process

Over the past 10 years or so, we have been subject to an escalating swath of socially suffocating technological wizardry. It seemed as if we had to “adopt” a new piece of hardware or software every day, and it has been boggling our minds on an ever-overwhelming basis. Many have opted to “opt-out”, and are happily ignorant of many or all the fantastic advances available to them: the mobile weather apps, Smartphones, advanced networks, streaming media, 3D TVs, ebooks, tablets, subcutaneous bar codes (ok, I made that last one up…maybe).

Productizing your Website

Igor Royzis

Igor Royzis

by Igor Royzis of PE-Nexus

So you’ve built your website, launched it and are now adding new features and slowly enhancing the site. Suddenly, you get contacted by one of your users. He says that he loves the site. He has a business idea for a different site in a different industry and he feels that your site has more than 80% of the functionality required by his “idea”. He wants you to customize your site for his needs for a nice chunk of change.

Can you recommend screen capture software for creating videos for marketing presentations & investor pitches?

Naomi Kokubo

Naomi Kokubo

by Naomi Kokubo, Editor of Founders Space

Using screen capturing software is a great way to show off your product or service.   You know what they say when you’re trying to sell something… “A video is worth ten thousand words!”

Videos are actually becoming the preferred way to market any Web 2.0 site or service online, and there’s nothing easier to use than a good online screen capture program.

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