The Blockchain Fintech Summit of Silicon Valley

This one-day conference seeks to bring together government, industry leaders, financial institutions, investors and academia to discuss innovative strategies and solutions to the applications of Blockchain.

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Given it is in its early stage, Blockchain still has many challenges to overcome in terms of cross-border collaboration, including technical difficulties, information asymmetry across geographies and ambiguities regarding business applications. Through actively engaging thought leaders in the field, we hope to help attendees develop a better understanding of Blockchain and its role in bringing further innovation to the economy.

This event covers Blockchain innovations and developments in financial industry, IoT, regulations and compliance, crowdfunding, crowdsales, international trades, data management, energy and supply chains areas.

The conference will act as an open forum for issue-driven dialogues, strategies and collaboration among Blockchain trailblazers. We expect to examine a range of specific real-world applications across markets and industries, such as finance, IoT, and philanthropy through keynotes, panels and shark tanks, followed by startup pitch demo. What makes the summit even more exciting is that influencers, regulators and compliance from China will join our discussion on how to achieve widespread Blockchain prosperity. All of this will contribute to building a clearer picture for the future of Blockchain.

Whether you are a Blockchain novice or evangelist, this summit will be the premier forum for today’s leading minds interested in leveraging Blockchain to revolutionize the future of business. We would like to extend a warm welcome to all of you to join us in January 2017 to enjoy the rich programs in the summit.

Topics: This event will cover following topics. There will be 2 startup pitch demo in the day, one coming in the morning and another in the afternoon.

Topic 1: Compliance and Regulation: Blockchain regulation and governance

Topic 2: Finance Industry: what does Blockchain mean for financial institutions and market?

Topic 3: Blockchain applications in Internet of Things

Startup Pitch Demo (Morning session)

Topic 4: What’s the new applications of Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin)

Topic 5: How can Blockchain benefits social society and be accessible to everyone?

Topic 6: Investment landscape: How to invest in Blockchain?

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