What is the Startup Societies Summit?

The Startup Societies Summit is a trade show for “startup societies” or small experimental governments such as smart cities, special economic zones, eco-villages, micro states, intentional communities, and even “seasteading”.

The conference will take place at City College San Francisco on August 11th-12th, 2017. The Foundation has already held conferences in New York City, New Hampshire, Palo Alto, and Greece. This conference will be the biggest trade show of its kind.

The conference will bring the brightest minds in the field: Engineers, policy experts, technologists, economists, entrepreneurs, and investors united to build new societies. Join us and gain an edge in the growing, exciting field of competitive governance.


By networking together and sharing valuable information, our guests will be at the forefront of the governance industry.

Guests will…

Network. Meet inspiring people creating the world of tomorrow. Network with savvy, hopeful next generation individuals and companies pushing the envelope of human creativity and collaboration. Our networking parties are fantastic opportunities to converse and share.

Learn. Stay privy to the hottest innovations and future trends in special economic zones, ecovillages, blockchain goverance, infrastrucuture, private cities seasteading, investment, and more. Our presentations, panels, and exhibit hall showcase the spectacular innvations the era’s next exciting industry: governance.

Engage. We’re an intimate open forum of passionate collaborators. We encourage participation and friendship. From interactive Q/As to legendary and intimate socials, this isn’t your average ‘conference’.