Gabe Seo, CTO & Co-founders of HICS Company (KOREA)

Gabe SeoI’m from Korea, and I can tell you that Founders Space’s accelerator program has made my startup, HICS Company, more attractive than before.

Two weeks after completing the program, I’m getting strong interest from potential investors.

Also, Founders Space’s program has helped me not only create a perfect story for introducing our technology to investors, but has also developed my ability to execute on my vision.

I want to thank my mentors: Nathan Schor, Steve Austin and Steve Hoffman, along with the excellent lectures from others. They provided great lectures for me, such as marketing, financials, IP strategy etc. These lectures taught me how to survive in Silicon Valley.

Don’t hesitate to join Founders Space’s Accelerator Program.

This program will you open your eyes on how to find new opportunities in Silicon Valley.

Gabe Seo
CTO & Co-founders of HICS Company

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