Masaaki Hatano, Founder & CEO of Sanptique (Japan)

Hatano150x150First of all, I would like to personally thank Steven Hoffman, Naomi Kokubo, and Steve Austin for the great program and amazing arrangement at Founders Space.

I know Steven Hoffman since 2013 even before he started Founders Space and remember him telling me about his plan and showing me the space when it was still empty. Since then the time passed. I quit my job in VC business and decided to build my own startup.

I talked to several friends in the Bay Area who are also VC and many of them told me how good Founders Space is.

So, I contacted Steven and gave it a shot.

Which have turned out to be one of the best decision I have made. This 2-week program will give you all you need to get up to speed in starting your startup in Silicon Valley. Of cause, it is extremely intense, you will experience high pressure and will be demanded to really push your limit.

But if you do, and if you are really serious, you will get great experience from this boot camp.

I recommend you to join, even if you are still at early stage, no traction, or just launched.

I hope this will give you some idea of Founders Space.

Feel free to contact me at masaonly1 (at) if you need any advice.

Masa, Founder & CEO of Sanptique

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