Matt Ream, Co-Founder of (USA)

Matt ReamThe Founders Space program is an intense, educational experience for startups that could make all the difference between failure and success. The curriculum is comprehensive and timely, and the instructors and mentors are global experts in their own right. I greatly appreciated their lessons and the personal mentoring I received.

They don’t only educate you, they give you real opportunities to pitch to investors and we received several great contacts and leads that are going to make a big difference in our company as we move forward.

Matt Ream
Co-Founder of

Comments & Advice:
  1. Ken Kapur says:

    It was my first incubator /accelerator program that I participated in.
    We had a whole group of mentors who I consider to be the best in their field. We not only went through an intense training program for making a great investment pitch but also met some very dedicated
    co founders from all around the world resulting in great friendships.
    The best part is we got some investment contacts which we are pursuing now. We also got enrolled into the IBM Entrepreneur Program. This has increased our likelihood of success and they made a capital investment along with embedding us into their HIPAA-compliant network. Massive, long-term success in healthcare technology requires a vast support network and levers that IBM Watson provides for us. We are extremely grateful to the Founders Space program. This is just the start.We expect more mentorship from them in the coming days and months.