Raf Peeters, CEO of Qcify (San Francisco)

RafStartup life is great, dynamic and sets you free in many ways. Though most of the time it also feels as if I have more questions than answers and it’s not always clear where to go for “real advice”. That’s why I’m forever thankful for being part of the Founders Space community.

When I followed the program in September 2014, I learned a lot from our mentors Steve and Scott. Each of them gave us answers on important questions that we all faced. Questions like “Where to incorporate?”, “How and where to raise money?”, “ How to pitch to investors?” and many others. The way they helped us better understand the start-up world clearly showed that they went through this themselves. Unlike some of the “self-claimed” experts out there that have no clue whatsoever and that will waste your time and money.

In the meantime I’ve incorporated my new company Qcify and we’ll be launching our product(s) later this year. We’ve already taken pre-orders and are currently raising money. The experience at Founders Space definitely helped us avoid some of the common startup mistakes. I’m actually thinking of going through the program again together with some of my co-founders/colleagues. It would absolutely be worth the time and money.

NOTE: I was cofounder of Grub Market when I was in the program, and now I’m CEO of Qcify.

Raf Peeters
CEO of Qcify

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