Thomas Schneider, CEO of KXTER (Canada)

Thomas Schneider, CEO of KXTERThe last company I founded I IPO’ed and my co-founders and I have collectively founded and exited six companies in the last ten years. But nothing prepared us for the 30-day crash course we were about to receive at Founders Space. Any entrepreneur looking to start a business would be wise to apply.

Spending over 2,000 hours mind sharing and learning from some of the smartest people in the Silicon Valley and San Francisco was incredibly valuable to us. Whether it was Scott Gray’s teachings on the latest marketing techniques to Steve Austin’s drill-sergeant approach to sales and budgets, even us serial entrepreneurs were able to learn something new. We were exposed to the latest theories and technologies, like Nathan Schor’s seminar on neuro social science and persuasion for founders and engineers – incredibly useful.

The contacts you make while at FS, whether its fellow entrepreneurs or the venture capital community are invaluable. Coupled with opportunities to pitch to investors, ongoing follow-ups and alumni events after you graduate, makes Founders Space truly one of the top accelerators in the United States.

Thomas Schneider

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