Trong Dong, CEO of Rakuna (Vietnam & USA)

Trong DongI found Founders Space incredibly helpful for our B2B startup, Rakuna, in many practical ways.

Before joining the program, we were just Minnesota transplants and had no connections to the Bay Area’s network. The program definitely helped us to extend our network and spread our name to potential investors.

We learned from Captain Hoff how to gauge an investor’s interest and how to close the investment opportunity. Right after graduating the program, we were able to put that learning into action by closing a small seed investment.

Steve Austin taught us sales is the most critical indicator to validate our business. We took it to heart and were able to close the first B2B sale 8 months in advance of our product launch.

My two cents to other fellow founders. If you want to bring the best out of the program, apply immediately what you are taught.
Ask a lot of questions – even dumb ones. Be open and craving for feedback: the good, bad & even ugly ones.

Trong Dong
CEO of Rakuna

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