veetil150Being accepted into the prestigious Founders Space as one among 10-12 startups globally was a true honor for us. It turned out to be a superb experience overall, in terms of focusing on the right aspects of the business and staying lean. I would recommend the program to any startup that wants to take their game to the next level.

The two-week program was extremely productive and useful. Captain Hoff and Steve Austin are superstars and deserve a lot of credit for the success of the program. Captain Hoff focused on improving the fundamentals of the core business and strategy, while Steve Austin complemented with great traininig on how to be a better executive and how to tell the story right. Overall, it was a transformative experience.

There were great guest lectures on various topics starting from legal to SEO and valuation of startups. The mentor days were especially awesome. Expert mentors spent a lot of time on each startup’s specific business, providing surgical feedback. These mentors are renowned experts in various fields. Their advice and inputs made a huge difference. By bringing different perspectives and experiences from different mentors, this supplemented the program very well.

The teams were of course, super cool to work with and hang out. Lots of fun during the program.

Finally, the pitch day was amazing. Lots of energy and excitement. With tons of help from Captain and Steve, we did well and were very happy with our performance on final day.

We do look forward to keeping in touch with the community and growing together !