Okay, so angel investors are ignoring you, VCs won’t give you a second meeting, your credit card is maxed out, and you can’t get a loan from any bank. What do you do? First off, pay-off your credit card. The interest will kill you. Next, look for an alternative.

One option is ZestCash, a financial services technology startup that serves the needs of the underbanked. It has just secured $73 million in its second round of funding.  ZestCash doesn’t pull any information from credit burrows. Instead, it uses non obvious variables, like cell phone payment records and how much time applicants spend on our site, to offer loans to its customers.

Most banks approve borrowers for loans based on small amounts of data; usually a credit report and credit score from FICO, a company that evaluates credit risks. Since not every person has enough information on file with FICO, some people are turned away for loans from major lending institutions. ZestCash uses thousands of metrics to offer short-term installment loans to customers who can’t get loans elsewhere.

Each loan is designed by the customer, based on how much money they need, and how much time they need to pay it back.  The only catch is that there’s a limit of $800.   I’m not sure if that’s enough for most startups.  Also, you need to make sure the interest rates are competitive.  ZestCash does emphasize smaller payments over a longer time to pay back its loans to help their customers from getting too deep in debt.

Remember, startups are risky, so don’t stretch yourself too far!