Any advice on how to promote my iPhone app?


My iPhone app is buried in the App Store.  Any advice for founders like me who need to promote their iPhone apps but don’t know how.


Okay, nearly every startup has an iPhone app.  It’s almost a “must-have” as part of your business plan, even if you’re not a mobile company.   With that in mind, I’ve hunted about for ways to promote these glorious iPhone apps we all have. Here are the results of my hard work…

First, I’ll mention some good places to get started:

If that isn’t enough, here’s more…

This should be plenty to get you started.

Comments & Advice:
  1. Organic Studio says:

    In this site you can promote app for free with banners and interstitials:

    Promoted this app with the site and worked well:

  2. Thy Pham says:

    This is a small game from Viet Nam, like Flappy Bird, this game is very simple to play but extremely hard to get high score (sometime may make you crazy) named “Phobo Juggling”. Please try it out for free 😀


  3. Ben says:

    If you want to see something funny check out how the developer of ‘Free RSS Reader’ promotes his app 😀

  4. hcongxun says:

    Welcome to ios game Crazy Swipe !

    How to play :
    – Swipe your finger on screen follow four random arrow by up , down , left and right .
    – If you swipe correct four random arrow , you will get 1 score and another four random arrow show up .
    – If the timer bar end , you will Game Over .
    – Your high score will be save each time you play !

    This is a good game for you play to training your eye skill and how fast with your hand . Try to get your high scores in this game and share it to your friends by facebook or twitter .

    Note : this game was develop by personer . So , hope all of you like it ! please give me a vote for this game , thanks !

  5. Nick says:

    This is definitely the 10 million dollar question.

    Don’t bother with sites that make you earn “tap credits,” even if they’re free. If you don’t have a ton of users you won’t be earning many credits, so you can do the math…

    You can straight up pay to promote but ad budget minimums can be around $50/month, and your budget is typically used up in an hour on sites like Google. is a new site that let’s you cross promote for around $10 – $40 per month (disclosure: I helped them develop/test it). I only mention it because they developed it for the exact same problem you’re having. Anyway, you can promote with a nag screen, interstitial, or promo page, and iTunes affiliate links are allowed. You’re also not charged per click/install, and you don’t have to earn tap credits. Your app is just promoted all month long. Hope it helps. There aren’t many options for new guys and struggling apps. I was happy to see this service get build. Good Luck!

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