Any advice on how to promote my iPhone app?


My iPhone app is buried in the App Store.  Any advice for founders like me who need to promote their iPhone apps but don’t know how.


Okay, nearly every startup has an iPhone app.  It’s almost a “must-have” as part of your business plan, even if you’re not a mobile company.   With that in mind, I’ve hunted about for ways to promote these glorious iPhone apps we all have. Here are the results of my hard work…

First, I’ll mention some good places to get started:

If that isn’t enough, here’s more…

This should be plenty to get you started.

Comments & Advice:
  1. Nick says:

    This is definitely the 10 million dollar question.

    Don’t bother with sites that make you earn “tap credits,” even if they’re free. If you don’t have a ton of users you won’t be earning many credits, so you can do the math…

    You can straight up pay to promote but ad budget minimums can be around $50/month, and your budget is typically used up in an hour on sites like Google. is a new site that let’s you cross promote for around $10 – $40 per month (disclosure: I helped them develop/test it). I only mention it because they developed it for the exact same problem you’re having. Anyway, you can promote with a nag screen, interstitial, or promo page, and iTunes affiliate links are allowed. You’re also not charged per click/install, and you don’t have to earn tap credits. Your app is just promoted all month long. Hope it helps. There aren’t many options for new guys and struggling apps. I was happy to see this service get build. Good Luck!

  2. hcongxun says:

    Welcome to ios game Crazy Swipe !

    How to play :
    – Swipe your finger on screen follow four random arrow by up , down , left and right .
    – If you swipe correct four random arrow , you will get 1 score and another four random arrow show up .
    – If the timer bar end , you will Game Over .
    – Your high score will be save each time you play !

    This is a good game for you play to training your eye skill and how fast with your hand . Try to get your high scores in this game and share it to your friends by facebook or twitter .

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  3. Ben says:

    If you want to see something funny check out how the developer of ‘Free RSS Reader’ promotes his app 😀

  4. Thy Pham says:

    This is a small game from Viet Nam, like Flappy Bird, this game is very simple to play but extremely hard to get high score (sometime may make you crazy) named “Phobo Juggling”. Please try it out for free 😀

  5. Organic Studio says:

    In this site you can promote app for free with banners and interstitials:

    Promoted this app with the site and worked well:

  6. Saar says:

    Thank you for the information.
    I’m working pretty hard on promoting our latest game, but I’m doing that using “free channels”, meaning, mostly facebook, twitter, youtube etc.
    My question is how to measure the success of a paid channel? Does paying for reviews really give a good ROI?
    Thank you,
    Just in case, my app urls are:
    on the AppStore:

    on Google.Play:

  7. Emily Grace says:

    Cross Promoting Your Games: Cross Promotion is a strategy almost every medium to large game publisher uses with amazing results. If you do not have the resources to hire a developer to write your own cross promotion server script. You can use for free to add the power of cross promotion into your arsenal of game promoting strategies. More Gamers can even be used by publishers who have just released one or two games. More Gamers uses the classic banner exchange model and can promote your game on the top App Stores including, Google Play, Apple, Amazon and Windows.

    If you are a Publisher with multiple game titles, You have the option to switch to the Private Network option that allows only your own games to be cross promoted within your existing games.

    That said, More Gamers has been running for over 10 years now and has sent billions of gamers to game developers and publishers. Our mobile game promotion service has just been launched and this is you opportunity to be one of the first people to write about this awesome new service.

  8. Janitha D. says:

    This is where I got my app promoted with a video. It worked pretty well and boosted my sales immensely:

    I can guarantee you that it will definitely work.

  9. Joan says:

    waze’s success was based on its PR strategy — and I am the one who picked their world-wide PR firms. BTW, I didn’t charge them a penny. [email protected]

  10. VAGON DRAKE says:

    Excellent tips. Some of them might work actually. The only thing i see is that unless you have a huge budget your not going to easily get your app noticed. i have tried submitting my app to many websites for review and they all come back with ” pay us and we will ” when before same websites where happy to do it for you for free.
    Here is a link to my new released fun game try it out guys.

  11. Robert Haastrup-Timmi says:

    Very simply, – is a Startup helping solve the App Discovery & User Retention problem. We do this by providing a Visual & Social Media platform that brands, shares your app and makes it easily downloadable on any mobile device. Think of promotedapp as a Pinterest for apps!

    Users can curate lifetime app boards by re-pinning apps they discover, follow and love on promotedapp. App Developers can create lifetime app media boards to include screenshots for download videos, article reviews updates and so on. App developers can message followers with updates, incentives and more. Everything can be shared on all the major social networks to amplify!

    To post your app once to the platform costs only 50 dollars, or subscribe for more frequent postings including your media. What we are building is an app media platform that helps to solve a huge problem globally.

    If you’d like to be a Sponsor, visit our new Crowdfunding page here:

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    Good luck!

  12. Frank says:

    An App you really shouldn’t miss: PicViewer

    Your whole photo gallery now is at your fingertip.

  13. Daniela says:

    I found this guide really insigthful! It walks you through 7 ways to promote your application.
    Check it out!

  14. Anji says:

    Another very interesting App in the Apple App store…

    Parents and children both will love it..

  15. Benjamin says:

    Hi !

    We are a very cool startup called Addengo from France, developing new ads format, and specialized in video advertising on mobile phone.

    We are not just displaying video, we are doing more than that, there is a few of our features !

    – Addengo’s main features
    – We are displaying video directly into your app, the user won’t leave it.
    – Our format is non-intrusive, the user can select the video he wants to watch.
    – We don’t collect any personal informations.
    – Our SDK is built to be easy to install, and is fully customizable.
    – You’ll get better revenues than you’ve ever had.

    We are now building our network of app’s editors, by allowing you to use our solution to share videos on our network, totally for free.
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  16. Xavi Valero says:

    Have you ever wondered how to take full advantage of app store promo codes?

    TweetAnApp helps developers to promote their apps on twitter and win follows and mentions in exchange of promo codes or iTunes gift cards:

    They also have a free promotion to create a codes giveaway.
    It’s worth to give it a try and gain community on twitter!

  17. Check out Fiverr for great ways to promote your apps for only $5 – This gig, will post your app to a major app news publication for only $5 – This is one of the best promotion methods I have found for the price. Hope that helps!

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  19. prettyboy says:

    Try to promote your iOS&Mac&Android apps.
    Gain good reviews and ratings,thus increasing app sales and ranking.

  20. anyway says:

    Try – ‘II be suprised.

  21. AlanZ says:

    Working on iphone app that will be a paid app. Does anyone know how you go about being able to offer it free to selected people for promotional purposes? Does Apple offer this? Have not been able to find.

  22. Ehsan says:

    Watch this promo video to know how they promote your iPhone app at most affordable rates.


  23. SK says:

    I tried to promote my app, and get 6 place in Top-10 Lifestyle category. Check it out

  24. matija16 says: – share your apps from around the web for free.

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