How to Market & Promote iPhone, iPad & Android Apps (Part 5)

Steve Hoffman

Steve Hoffman

by Steve Hoffman, Publisher of Founders Space

Okay, your app is now live.  Here’s what you need to do to keep your app visible and healthy.

Post-Launch Phase – Marketing & Promotion

  • Take advantage of services like TapJoy and Millennial Media to buy installs and boost your app’s rank.  But don’t get carried away.  These guys can cost you a bundle, and unless your app performs, it can be a waste of money.
  • Avoid advertising on the Web.  These clicks seldom translate into mobile downloads.
  • Look for new partnership opportunities.
  • Create a new story around your app for the press — especially if you’ve had success with your target market.  Make the story appealing so the press picks up on it.
  • If you’ve gathered any interesting data, be sure to share this with bloggers and journalists.
  • If you’ve learned something creating your app, be sure to blog about it and submit your article to popular sites for publication.
  • Keep in constant communication with your users and give them a reason to share your app.
  • Use the built-in notifications as a key communications channel.
  • Create a free app whose main purpose is to get people to sign up for your mailing list.
  • Create a free app whose main purpose is to advertise your other apps.
  • Continue to test your landing page and measure the results. Tweak and test the page to drive up your conversion rates.
  • Release new upgrades, levels and content for your apps to keep it fresh.
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