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Fanny Tham

Fanny Tham

by Fanny Tham of [email protected]

If you want to be a published writer, you don’t have to face rejection from publishers anymore. User-Generated Content is the key product of the internet age and you can join in the bandwagon by publishing your own work.


Publish your own work. It doesn’t have to be an epic bestseller because the mode of self-publishing is best suited to limited, niche editions. You can write about anything. Truly anything.


1) Createspace

Offers free tools for you to publish your own work. It is print-on-demand (POP) service and you will actually see your own published work in physical form instead of a digital publication. As it is a subsidiary of Amazon, it is made to sell your book through Amazon. CreateSpace is also the only one that provides you the ability to create your book in Kindle format. Additionally, you are able to immediately assign an ISBN or use an existing one. With the launch of Kindle applications, it means that readers can have access to Kindle books from a range of devices, from PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

2) Lulu

Lulu is another print-on-demand (POP) service. It provides online access to the tools an individual needs to design, publish, and print original material, including books, brochures, reports, calendars, and posters. Writers can also create digital content, such as music files, videos, graphics, or e-books. Writers are able to set up a storefront to sell your book

3) Blurb

Offers free downloadable software, BookSmart, that enables writers to easily lay out the pages, choose background colors and fonts and edit photos to create and develop their own publications. Blurb is also a print-on-demand (POP) service. Besides that, writers are able to offer readers a preview of the first 15 pages of the publication to help them decide if they want to make a purchase. Blurb also allows writers to import blog entries from Livejournal to create the book.

4) Fastpencil

Fastpencil is a programme and a tool for writers to write, edit, design and print their publications. At any time during the creative process, writers can invite their social network, fellow authors and FastPencil experts to review and provide comments on the book. After the publication is down, writers can distribute their books through Amazon.

5) Xlibris

Founded in 1997 as one of the first self publishing services in the industry, Xlibris offers print-on-demand (POP) service. Writers start the process by having a consultation with one of their consultants about the needs and the correct package to fit those needs. They will create the full design of the book and send it to the writers for feedback and approval. After that, the publication belongs to the writer and the writers are able to sell it wherever and to whomever they want.

6) iBookStore

You can sell your self-published works through iBookStore. Apple created a Mac app for uploading your book called iTunes. It makes uploading your book to the iBookStore very easy. All books sold on iBookStore need to have an ISBN number. Apple has selected Lulu as a certified aggregator to provide content for the iBookstore. If your work is published by Lulu, all it needs is an ISBN to get it distributed by iBookStore.


If you use their template, publishing is surprisingly easy. Writers can upload their manuscript in PDF form, drag photos or images across for the front and back covers. But be prepared for a good cover page design. Writers must also be the original author, or exclusive digital publisher of the publication. Writers can choose a size for the book, format their manuscript to fit that size, turn their Word doc into a PDF, create some cover art, turn that into a PDF, and upload it all to the self-publisher of your choice and get a book proof back.


  • – It is easy.
  • – It is cost-effective.
  • – You can establish expert status within your field of business by having a published work.
  • – It creates passive income.
  • – It does not take as much time to reach the market compared to traditional methods of publishing.
  • – More people are reading e-books or ordering books online.
  • – You have creative control.
  • – It brings along means to expose your work to new markets.
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